A unique turn-of-the-century shopping experience awaits the consumer in beautiful Victorian West Branch; the cultural focal point for Ogemaw County.  The heritage of this area is evident in the architecture with the century old Victorian buildings; the pride is reflected in the pleasing atmosphere and the vitality is displayed in the variety of unique shops, personal services and free convenient parking.  Victorian West Branch is easily accessed by three major Michigan highways, (M-55, M-30, and M-76) and both Exit 212 & 215 off I-75.

We are always looking to keep our store fronts full.  If you are looking to start a business or find out if there are store fronts available for sale or rent, feel free to contact West Branch City Hall or The West Branch Area Chamber of Commerce so that we may assist you and get you in contact with the appropriate representative.

If you are looking to start an industry based business in West Branch, we currently have sites available in the Industrial Park.

West Branch City Hall
121 N. Fourth St.
West Branch, MI 48661
West Branch Area
Chamber of Commerce

422 W. Houghton Ave.
West Branch, MI 48661