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As far back as the late 70's, early 80's the DPW garage was located in the lower level of the building located at 113 N. 1st St. with the Fire Department occupying the upper level.  In the mid 80's, the Fire Department constructed a new location on 3rd St. allowing the DPW to take occupancy of the entire building.  Old DPW Garage 
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In late 99, early 2000 the building was vacated by the DPW when they moved to thier current loction at 403 S. 1st St.  Although the department moved, they continued to keep the lower level of the building as a City storage facility.  Vacating the upper level allowed for the Police Department to take over the space for their department, moving them out of City Hall.   In the beginning of 2015, the Police Department was moved to the once Senior Center. 
In 1999, the City began construction of a new DPW garage at as the department was quickly growing out of space.  In addition to this project, the department also had a Salt Barn being contructed on the same location of the new site.   Although the DPW have storage facilities throughout the City, the site of the DPW garage is large enough to store most all of their equipment and supplies.
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