The City's website was created with the public in mind.  It is our intention to make it as "user friendly" as possible, and provide the public with important and useful information that is easily accessible.  Throughout this site, you will find services available to the residents as well as schedules of those services; you will find a full list of events on the "Calendar of Events", and important messages needing to get out to the public through the "News Flash" section of the Home page, or through an Emergency Alert Banner that may appear at the top of the page from time to time as warranted.  You can download forms/applications for various permits and events, as well as the City's Zoning Map, the Master Plan and other documents from time to time as the City releases.  

Additionally, the City wants to be sure that we are practicing transparency.  You will find times, dates, agendas, minutes of various meetings scheduled and held by the governing body, as well as a full copy of the City Ordinances.  We have added pictures and bio's of all municipal employees, their departments and the function of those departments, as well as your City Officials.

We will continuously update the site and add additional information as time goes by, so please check back.  We have put a great deal of time into this site and want to be sure we are providing our residents with the information needed and important to them.  If you feel that we are missing anything, or you would simply like to see additional information added, please do not hesitate to contact City Hall or one of the Website Administrators (listed in the directory).  We will do our best to accommodate the request as long as the information is pertinent to the City of West Branch.