Info for Bidders re RFP's

Request for Bids/Proposals

The City of West Branch is seeking bids/proposals for the following projects/services to be performed for the City of West Branch: (1) Water Meter Installation Services; (2) Cross-Connection & Related Inspection Services; (3) Title/Survey Work; (4) Municipal Audit Services; (5) Specialized Accounting & Municipal Finance Services; (6) Water/Sewer Rate Study Services; (7) Public Parking Lot Improvement Project; (8) Videographer Services; (9) Wayfinding Signage, and (10) Other Signage.

All projects/services listed above where bids/proposals are being sought are described in greater detail in the specific RFP's that pertain to each request, which are available for download by clicking the appropriate links below, or by visiting or calling West Branch City Hall, 121 N. 4th St., West Branch, MI 48661, (989) 345-0500.  For all projects, the City of West Branch reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, to waive irregularities in bidding, and to accept bids which do not conform in every respect to bidding requirements.  All bids received are deemed valid for a period of 180 days, unless indicated otherwise in the bid document.

For additional information/specific RFP's, click the appropriate links below:

(1) Water Meter Installation Services--click HERE for RFP.

(2) Cross-Connection & Related Inspection Services--click HERE for RFP.

(3) Title/Survey Work--click HERE for RFP.

(4) Municipal Audit Services--click HERE for RFP.

(5) Specialized Accounting & Municipal Finance Services--click HERE for RFP.

(6) Water/Sewer Rate Study Services--click HERE for RFP.

(7) Public Parking Lot Improvement Project--click HERE for RFP.

(8) Videographer Services--click HERE for RFP.

(9) Wayfinding Signage--click HERE for RFP.

(10) Other Signage--click HERE for RFP.