Info for Bidders re RFP's

Request for Bids/Proposals


The City of West Branch/West Branch Area Wastewater Treatment Plant Authority/West Branch Community Airport are seeking bids/proposals from qualified vendors for “Energy Efficient Lighting Project/s” to be performed for the City of West Branch and/or the West Branch Area Wastewater Treatment Plant Authority and/or the West Branch Community Airport, as according to the specifications listed in the full RFP, which is available at West Branch City Hall, 121 N. 4th St., West Branch, MI or by clicking HERE.



The City of West Branch is seeking bids/proposals for the following projects/services to be performed for the City of West Branch: (1) Title/Survey Work;  (2) Specialized Accounting & Municipal Finance Services; (3) Water/Sewer Rate Study Services; (4) Public Parking Lot Improvement Project; (5) Videographer Services; (6) Wayfinding Signage, and (7) Other Signage.

For complete RFPs for the projects listed above, click the appropriate link below:

(1) Title/Survey Work RFP;

(2) Specialized Accounting & Municipal Finance Services RFP;

(3) Water/Sewer Rate Study Services RFP;

(4) Public Parking Lot Improvement Project RFP;

(5) Videographer Services RFP;

(6) Wayfinding Signage RFP, and

(7) Other Signage RFP