On Monday, May 3rd, the City of West Branch will switch over the City’s water source from the City wells to the West Branch Township wells.  The switch will take place so the City can drain the water from the Smiley tower and allow for an inspection of the tower that will begin on Wednesday the 5th.  The inspection is a routine inspection that is required by EGLE.  The City anticipates on returning to City water on Monday, May 10th.   The City will then begin its routine flushing of all water lines with an anticipated completion date of May 21st.  While we do not anticipate any issues, it is possible to have some discolored water during the switch over or flushing.  If you experience any discolored water, please run your water for a few moments, it should clear up quickly.  If you experience and long-term discoloring issues, please let City Hall know at 989-345-0500.