2021 Tax Notice

                                                                                       NOTICE TO CITY OF

                                                                      WEST BRANCH TAXPAYERS

Summer taxes will be due and payable on and after July 1, 2021.  On the 1st day of September, a 4 percent (4%) penalty will be added to the unpaid tax bills.  An additional half percent (1/2%) interest will be added on the 1st day of October and on the 1st day of each succeeding month to a maximum penalty and interest of six percent (6%).

Breakdown of your summer taxes per thousand dollars Taxable Value is as follows:


                General Operating----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14.5460

                Garbage Collection------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.9105  


                State Education Tax---------------------------------------------------------------------------------    6.0000

SCHOOL (1/2-year levy)

                Local School Operating Millage Non-Homestead - ------------------------------------ ---------- 8.9766

                WB-RC School Debt Retirement --------------------------------------------------------------------- .835

                Sinking Fund ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ .3348


                General Operating------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.0992

Senior Citizen Deferment Forms will be available at City Hall, 121 N. Fourth St., from July 1, 2021 until August 31, 2021.

Partial payments, automatic debit payments, credit card payments (via internet or phone), cash, checks, and money orders are accepted.  If paying by check your tax payment cannot be included with any other payment you are making to the City of West Branch (for example:  Your tax payment must be on one check and your water/sewer payment must be on a different check).  Please call 345-0500 if additional information is needed.

Michelle Frechette