City Snow Policy

 To help people get around safely this winter, the City respectively asks all property owners to observe the following rules:

Keep sidewalks free of snow and ice.  City crews will clean sidewalks occasionally when large quantities fall (5” and more), but PROPERTY OWNERS REMAIN RESPONSIBLE UNTIL CITY CREWS CLEAR THEM.

  Keep snow away from fire hydrants so they remain visible from all sides at all times.

  Do not pile snow on corners – this blocks views and causes accidents!

 Do not plow snow onto sidewalks, across or into City streets.

 Do not use a motor vehicle or ORV to plow snow on any City sidewalks. 

Your help is greatly appreciated.  Snow can create problems for all of us, but if we all cooperate, we can at least deal with the problem in a safe manner. 

If City crews are used to correct problems, property owners will be billed for time and materials.  In some cases, deliberate actions may constitute illegal activity – please report severe infractions to the City Police.