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Where and How do I vote?
The polling station for all residents residing within the West Branch City Limits is City Hall located at 121 N. 4th St.  Polls are open on Election Day from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.  When coming to vote, you will see that the polling station is divided into three designated precincts representing the 3 wards of of the City (your Voter Identification Card will list your designated precinct).  Check in with your designated precinct and an Election Officer will give you your ballot.
NOTE: If you do not receive a Voter Identification Card within three weeks after registering, contact the City Clerk's Office (989-345-0500) to confirm your registration status.

What do I need to bring?

Photo ID is Required to Vote.  Michigan Election Law requires voters to present picture identification.  However, as of November 6, 2007 the state will allow a signed affidavit in substitution of photo ID if you do not have picture identification.

Voters can satisfy the picture identification requirement by showing a Michigan driver’s license or a Michigan personal identification card.  Voters who do not possess either document may show any of the following forms of picture identification as long as they are valid and current:

       •  Driver’s license or personal identification card issued by another state.
       •  Federal or state government-issued photo identification.
       •  U. S. Passport
       •  Military identification card with photo.
       •  Student identification with photo from a high school or an accredited institution of higher education.
       •  Tribal identification card with photo.

Absentee Ballots
As a registered voter, you may obtain an absent voter ballot if you:

  1. Expect to be absent from the community in which you are registered for the entire time the polls are open on Election Day.
  2. Are physically unable to attend the polls without the assistance of another.
  3. Cannot attend the polls because of the tenets of your religion.
  4. Have been appointed an election precinct inspector in a precinct other than the precinct where you reside.
  5. Are 60 years of age or older.
  6. Cannot attend the polls because of confinement in jail awaiting arraignment or trial.

Your request for an absentee voter ballot must be in writing and be submitted to the City Clerk. Your request must include one of the six statutory reasons stated above as well as your signature. You may request an absentee voter ballot by downloading an Absentee Ballot Application Form (pdf file) from this web site, with a letter or post card, or you may obtain a pre-printed application form at the Clerk’s Office.

Requests to have an absentee voter ballot mailed to you must be submitted to the Clerk no later than 2 p.m. the Saturday before the election.  Please remember to allow enough time for you to receive the ballot and to return it to the City Clerk’s Office by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.  Once the City Clerk receives your request, your signature will be checked against your voter registration record before a ballot is issued.  Requests for absentee voter ballots are processed immediately.  Absentee voter ballots will be issued to you at your home address unless otherwise specified.  Signed ballots must be received by the City Clerk’s office by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day to be counted.

If you received assistance voting on the ballot, then the signature of the person who assisted must also be on the return envelope. Only you, a family member or person residing in your household, a mail carrier, or election official is authorized to deliver your signed absentee voter ballot to the Clerk’s Office.

A person who registers to vote by mail must vote in person in the first election in which he or she participates.  The restriction does not apply to overseas voters, voters who are handicapped or voters who are 60 years of age or older. (Voting in person on one governmental level clears the restriction for the other levels. For example, if a voter subject to the restriction votes in person at a school election, the voter would be free to obtain an absentee ballot for the first state election in which he or she wishes to participate).

Contact the Clerk’s Office if you need additional information on elections, absentee ballots or voter registration.

West Branch City Clerk
121 N. 4th St.
West Branch, MI 48661