Formal Joint Review Team

The following list consists of potential members of the City's formal "Joint
Site Plan Review Team" (exact make-up of members will depend upon
the type of site plan under review):

Planning Department
Zoning Administrator John Dantzer (

Public Works Department
DPW Superintendent Mike Killackey (

Transportation Department
DPW Superintendent Mike Killackey (
Chief Ken Walters (

Chief Brent Banning (989-345-3444)

Chief Ken Walters (

City Assessor Jim VanWormer (989-345-0500)

City Manager
John Dantzer (

Economic Development
Ogemaw EDC Director Mary Bickell

Historic District Commission
[none at this time]


City Attorney
City Attorney Greg Meihn
City Prosecutor Ladonna Schultz

County Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Experts
Ogemaw County Soil Conservation District (989-345-5470)

County Drain Commissioner
Ogemaw County Drain Commissioner Michael DeMatio (989-345-7498)

County Health Department
District Health Department #2 (800-504-2650)

County Road Commission
Ogemaw County Road Commission (989-345-0234)

Outside Agencies