The City is comprised of essentially 4 departments and a governing body.  The Administration is the hub of all departments, working out of West Branch City Hall, located at 121 N. 4th Street.
The Administration consists of the City Manager, the Clerk, the Treasurer, and the City Hall Office Assistant. These individuals are the people that run and oversee the daily operations of the City. Some of their responsibilities include receiving and distributing finances as instructed by City Council, implementing and advocating the Ordinances set forth for the City, and assisting residents with their concerns and business connections with the City.

The Police Department is the head of our public safety. The department consists of a Chief, Sergeant, and Patrol Officers. The Police Department is responsible for keeping order and enforcing the laws of the State as well as the ordinances set forth by the City of West Branch. They are extremely visible to the public and can be seen at most community events held within City Limits. The City Police Department is housed at 130 Page Street. 

The Department of Public Works (DPW) is in essence the maintenance department for the City.  The department is made up of a Superintendent, Water & Heavy Equipment Operators, and General Laborers. Their responsibilities can be extensive, depending on the day and the needs of the City. They are responsible for maintaining the roads & its lighting, water & sewer mains, maintenance of all municipal buildings, as well as all the grounds that are deemed City property. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into keeping the City looking beautiful, including keeping all equipment, fixtures, buildings, etc. operating as they should.

The Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) is in charge of disposal of all waters that pass through the City. This includes all sewage intake. This department is operated by a Plant Manager, and multiple Waste Water System Operators. Since waste waters are recycled and discharged into the Rifle River, this department is required to follow very strict guidelines from the DEQ as well as other higher authority agencies. All current employees of the City WWTP are certified in waste water treatment. Although you may never see or hear of the workings of this department, they play an extremely important role in the big picture of keeping our community safe and viable.